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Master of Science (MS)

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Applied Psychology

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Switzer, III, Fred S

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Brainerd , Edwin G

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Britt , Thomas W


Traditional fit literature has focused on person-organization fit. However, Kristof-Brown, Zimmerman, and Johnson (2005) recently introduced the idea of person-supervisor fit in a meta-analysis on fit. Person-supervisor fit was hypothesized to be the degree of similarity between personality dimensions, values, and goals. This paper first defines fit and then reviews the literature on the topics that apply to person-supervisor fit. This study was conducted with supervisors (faculty members) and subordinates (graduate student teaching and research assistants) from different departments in one university to determine the relationship between person-supervisor fit with subordinates' organizational stress, subordinates' organizational commitment, and subordinates' job satisfaction. Results show that match between supervisor and subordinate personality dimensions, values, and goals did not have strong relationships with the outcome variables of interest. The one exception was a significant, strong correlation between value similarity and subordinates' organizational commitment such that the more similar the values between the pair, the lower the organizational commitment.



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