Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Chair/Advisor

Nic Brown

Committee Member

Keith Morris

Committee Member

Dr. Aga Skrodzka


This creative thesis strives to research and implement the overlap of liminality found within Children’s Literature, especially those works that exist through the screen. The critical component of this thesis explores the ways in which childhood development and maturity, a theme commonly found within Children’s Literature, embodies its own “right of passage” associated with the liminal. The journey of the Children’s Literature protagonist is often wrought with this movement from familiar boundaries to a sense of new development. The critical analysis emphasizes the methods Children’s Literature genre uses emotion, familial connections, symbology, space, and even elements of the monstrous to capture the passage of childhood immaturity into adulthood or mature growth. The creative component, a full-feature length screenplay, serves as an illustration of these liminality-grounded techniques. As a result, the screenplay demonstrates the ways in which the screenwriting craft and writing can implement, embody, and further genre research.



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