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Communication, Technology, and Society

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Kristen Okamoto

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Skye Wingate

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Jordan Morehouse


Student success, as currently defined, neglects the well-being of some students, specifically those who manage medical conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD), which complicates the educational experience regardless of age and is not fully addressed. In order to account for the needs of students with ADHD/ADD, it is important to understand how their medical needs manifest and impact them. ADHD/ADD, commonly associated with impulsivity and inattention, often presents with comorbid psychological or physiological conditions. While this combination of symptoms would prove difficult for anyone, it becomes particularly challenging within the context of college life, as students are often living independently for the first time. This study explores and catalogs the ways current and former college students navigated and managed their ADHD/ADD during their college years, with the hope of helping close the information gap needed to holistically define student success. This study contributes to the study of communication as it explores the ways in which uncertainty reduction about a disability diagnosis impacts the undergraduate experience.



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