Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Chair/Advisor

Dr. Megan Eatman

Committee Member

Dr. Clare Mullaney

Committee Member

Dr. Maya Hislop


Higher education was never made for marginalized people. The academy was created based on the privileged white, able-bodied, males who preoccupied higher education for the longest time. While that has certainly changed over the years, the institution itself is still in the past resulting in BIPOC students and disabled students continuing to struggle within higher education. While instructors have begun to take interest in the need for inclusive pedagogy within the last decade, it still has a far way to come in order to help the marginalized students with intersecting identities and students who may not benefit from a one size fits all inclusive pedagogy. In this thesis I suggest the combination of antiracist pedagogy and disability pedagogy to center some of the most marginalized students within the classroom for the first time. I look at the composition classroom specifically as that is where both BIPOC students and disabled students face similar hardships. I then give examples on what it would look like to implement this combined pedagogy through a syllabus policy example, a grading example, and an assignment example that people can take and modify to then use within their own classroom.



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