Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Graphic Communications

Committee Chair/Advisor

Dr. Shu Chang

Committee Member

Dr. Liam O'Hara

Committee Member

Dr. Nona Woolbright

Committee Member

Mr. Robert Congdon

Committee Member

Mr. Kern Cox


This work presents the process of assessing and selecting a low-cost color sensor suitable for illustrating essential concepts within pre-established graphic communications curricula for virtual learning. The suitability of the device was determined based on its ability to evaluate concepts presented in the curriculum, such as the whiteness and opacity of the substrates, and the optical density, tone reproduction, color balance, hue error, grayness, and overprint trapping of inks.

The initial testing and data collected from the virtual classroom indicates statistically significant differences between the low-cost device and X-Rite eXact; however, the concept illustration was not impeded by the differences. After initial success implementing a color sensor into the virtual classroom, further research was performed to evaluate the devices’ ability to obtain repeat measurements (repeatability and reproducibility) and its accuracy (or ability to conform to accepted values for a given printed sample) using the MCDM (mean color difference form mean) and Zc (Z-score of color) methods for evaluating color difference.

In this research, the values collected using low-cost color sensors were compared to those from a standard device, X-Rite eXact. This work accepts the values collected by the X-Rite eXact as true and considers them to be accepted values for the given printed sample.



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