Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Visual Arts

Committee Chair/Advisor

Todd Anderson

Committee Member

Beth Lauritis

Committee Member

Kathleen Thum


Amidst the Cardboard City examines moments where joyous potential is brought into the seemingly bland moments of daily life. The focus of this inquiry takes the form of a narrative that follows the character Birdman as he journeys through his environment, becoming more and more active within it as he strives for a greater freedom within his world. The thesis artworks take the form of nine multiple-block woodcut prints made through a unique photomechanical process involving set building, digital photography, color separations, hand printing, and laser engraving. A large, eight-foot by eight-foot by eight-foot gallery installation was also exhibited. This installation sought to share the formal and conceptual aspects of the printed artworks in a three-dimensional and human scale.

Primary sources of visual inspiration were taken from contemporary artists Carrier Curry and Lothar Osterberg. Writer David Foster Wallace served as a primary source of literary inspiration.



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