La Cotidiana

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Visual Arts


Wrangle, Anderson

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Cross , Syndey

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Feeser , Andrea


My current work and supporting thesis explore the mysterious, the sacred and the day to day minutiae, 'la cotidiana.' The overriding themes that fuel my work are found in the tenants of a form of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as from ideas stemming from psychoanalysis, as put forth by the French psychoanalyst. Julia Kristeva; in particular, her approach to the abject, or that which we tend to reject on a personal level and/or as a society. In my thesis I will address these themes and how they are evidenced in my work with the simple photogram. I will provide examples of artists who have directly influenced my thinking and work, as well as those who have done so more tangentially. Finally, I will examine the themes of expansiveness, pain, abjection, transcendence, and the ephemeral found within my current body of work and describe how specific pieces exemplify these themes. I will also describe the formal progression and development of my work.

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