Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Visual Arts

Committee Chair/Advisor

Valerie Zimany

Committee Member

Todd McDonald

Committee Member

Beth Lauritis


damned ol’ dirt centers mindfulness and embodiment practices to foster relationships with the self, each other, and the land. These relationships intend to collectively imagine and then build an emotionally and environmentally sustainable and joyful future. My practice foregrounds clay with digital video, photography, and fabric dyeing, recording the imprint of performance. I use my hereditary understanding of clay and fibers, a trained attunement to the natural world, and my background of performance in craft (via demonstration of tactile techniques) to transfer knowledge and skill to the viewer. Through the creation of tableaus and documents of rituals based in materiality, damned ol’ dirt encourages the viewer to notice rich relationships in life and to use the understanding of self-knowledge to realize their capacity for joy.



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