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Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP)

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City and Regional Planning

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London, James

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Dunning , Anne

Committee Member

Barkley , David


The American economy has undergone a change in recent decades, experiencing a shift away from the traditional industrial economy towards a knowledge-based economy that relies heavily on human capital. The importance of human capital to the economy has stimulated an interest in increasing the educational attainment of the nation's workforce. However, not only should the educational attainment be increased, but the types of education should match the skills needed for the twenty-first century economy. Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking have been identified as necessary in the ever changing economy. Entrepreneurship education has been encouraged for the purpose of equipping the future workforce with skills required today. Many studies have identified the importance of entrepreneurship education and have conducted extensive surveys of youth and business leaders. However, few studies of the teachers of entrepreneurship education courses have been conducted.
This study uses statistical analysis and survey techniques to determine the characteristics of entrepreneurship programs for high school students, the perspectives of teachers on the challenges and outcomes of entrepreneurship education, and the possibility for establishing partners for an alliance for entrepreneurship education.
The study determines that the role of equipping the future workforce with the skills it needs to succeed in the knowledge-based economy does not rest solely upon the educational system. Officials in economic development agencies, workforce development agencies, and education must come together to create an alliance for entrepreneurship education and ultimately for the future.



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