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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering


Burg, Timothy

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Dawson , Darren

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Burg , Karen

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Boland , Thomas


Tissue engineering research has the potential to improve the current opportunities for replacement organs and tissues. Precise placement of cells has proven difficult in the early stages of this research. Bioprinting is an important research area that has the potential to accurately position cells and biological materials for tissue engineering. This paper describes the attempt to obtain micrometer accuracy in the placement of cells using a systems approach and technology derived from the Hewlett Packard 500 series of printers and their cartridges the HP26 series. The paper discusses the research and design of a custom printing system that allows control over printing parameters used to fire a droplet from the inkjet cartridge that include resolution, firing duration, and print speed. The proposed system also allows a larger workspace to print and the ability to print multiple cell types. These abilities are necessary in order to further research into this method of tissue engineering.