Date of Award

December 2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Digital Production Arts

Committee Member

Eric Patterson

Committee Member

Victor Zordan

Committee Member

Tony Penna


Off-color humor has propelled adult animation into its Golden Age. The success of this genre has prompted media studios to begin developing original series for subscription video-on-demand services. The technology used for these over the top (OTT) streaming services have improved to the point that providers have begun developing cloud-based gaming. These improvements, along with developments in rendering systems, have made it possible to create interactive media across both video and gaming platforms using similar assets. This document will detail the successes of adult animation and the proposal for more interactive narrative media within this category. Accompanying the text will be a procedural material library fitting within the theme and style of adult animation. In recent years media studios have been adapting to tools for a fully procedural texture creation workflow. The focus will be on the creation and implementation of a base material library, as well as examine the benefits and capabilities of said materials across multiple entertainment industries.



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