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Master of Science (MS)


Food Science and Human Nutrition

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Andrew R Hurley

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Feng Chen

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Kay Cooksey


This research aims to understand consumer’s preference by self-reported overall liking (hedonic scores) and facial expressions elicited by beverages measured by automated facial analysis software (AFEA). Two independent studies were included:

In study 1-Observing and comparing emotions measured through AFEA and hedonic response on basic tastes (N=32), consumers’ facial expressions evoked by bitter and sweet taste solution at high concentrations (1.08g/L and 48.0g/L respectively) (ISO 8586- 1:1993) and water were studied. It concluded that the overall liking of water was significantly higher than bitter and sweet (p

In study 2- The influence of labeling on consumer emotion and hedonic liking of kombucha (N=31), whether package label colors influence emotions reflected by facial expressions and traditional 9-point hedonic liking scores on kombucha were studied. It concluded that the mean overall liking of kombucha in a green label (7.19) was significantly (p0.05), the yellow label was observed to have higher probability to stimulate negative emotion (EV disgust=1.139) than green label (EV disgust=1.137); overall liking of green label kombucha sample and yellow one were all negatively correlated with anger.

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