Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

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Environmental Toxicology


Rodgers, John H


Natural gas storage produced waters (NGSPWs) are generated in large volumes, vary in composition, and often contain constituents in concentrations and forms that are toxic to receiving system biota. This research had three major objectives: 1) Characterize NGSPWs to discern the constituents of concern present in these waters; 2) Design and measure performance of a pilot-scale hybrid constructed wetland treatments system (CWTS) for treating NGSPWs, and; 3) Discern the reliability of the Turner Designs TD500 handheld fluorometer for measurement of oil-in-water in produced waters containing algae. Produced waters contained chlorides, metals, and organics as constituents of concern. Using simulated produced waters, specifically designed hybrid pilot-scale CWTS decreased cadmium, copper, lead, and zinc concentrations below NPDES permit concentrations and decreased aqueous toxicity to Ceriodaphnia dubia . The handheld fluorometer was unable to produce reliable measurements of oil-in-water, requiring further research for a simple method for field measurement of oil-in-water.