Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

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Cameron Turner

Committee Member

Joshua Summers

Committee Member

Garrett Pataky


With the application of using surrogate models with General Purpose Graphics Processing (GPGPU) computing to meet the need for “real-time” characterization of nonlinear anisotropic material systems and the growing work of using multiaxial robotic test frames for material characterization, there has been a solution for a specific application towards additive manufacturing materials, specifically polymers. Traditional testing using uniaxial and biaxial test machines has proven insufficient in characterizing the material properties of additive manufacturing materials, therefore developing a need for a multiaxial testing machine for characterization that can dynamically excite strain states for a more in-depth look at the material properties. This design report presents the design of a multiaxial robotic test frame that incorporates a Stewart-Gough (SG) platform design to allow 6 degrees-of-freedom for multiple and combined loading applications. This solution is the next generation multiaxial machine focusing on additive manufacturing materials, specifically polymers. The problem statement is the following: Design and fabricate a multiaxial robotic test frame that can test additive manufacturing materials, focusing on polymers and some metals, in 6 degrees-of-freedom while improving on performance and cost over the CSM design.



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