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Master of Science (MS)


Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

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Marieke VanPuymbroeck, Committee Chair

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Brandi M Crowe

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Marieke VanPutmbroeck

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Brandi M Crowe

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Arlene A Schmid


Yoga is used in healthcare with a variety of populations, but limited knowledge exists regarding credentials of yoga instructors, duration and frequency of sessions, style of yoga used in treatment, and how, where, and with what populations yoga is being used in Recreational Therapy (RT) practice. The purpose of this study was to investigate and describe how yoga is currently used in RT practice.

As part of a nation-wide survey and individual interviews, this secondary analysis investigated how yoga is being used in RT practice across the United States. Sixteen recreational therapists completed both a nation-wide online survey and semi-structured interviews. Quantitative results describe the populations in which yoga is being used in RT practice, as well as the characteristics of recreational therapists who also are employing yoga in their RT practice. Then, conventional and summative content analysis identified four categories related to yoga in RT practice: recreational therapists' practices, treatment planning, outcomes, and yoga intervention.

Yoga is implemented with a variety of populations as part of RT practice. Yoga should be implemented by recreational therapists who are trained to teach yoga or provide population-specific yoga sessions to meet specific patient needs. Limitations of the study and implications are discussed.



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