Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)


Civil Engineering

Committee Member

Weichiang Pang, Committee Chair

Committee Member

Thomas Cousins

Committee Member

Brandon Ross


This thesis covers initial concepts for a Cross-Laminated Timber house made to resist EF 3 tornado wind pressures. At the time of writing, it is believed this is the first study to consider using CLT to make a tornado resistant house. Going through analytical approaches in conjunction with ASCE 7-16, NDS 15, and PRG-320, this research hopes to lay groundwork for future research into the feasibility of such a house design at larger sizes and faster tornadoes. Because it is rather difficult to test experimentally how these structures will behave in tornadoes directly, a Mathcad sheet was created that gives quantified information into the performance of the CLT house. A 640 ft2 house was used as this is an early attempt and the process to calculate the capacities and loads was demonstrated throughout the body of this thesis with procedures to make edits for other sizes and tornado categories. In the appendices are CAD drawings; calculations; some suggestions for further research including a different configurations, larger homes, and faster tornadoes; a cost analysis; and a hypothetical fragility curve. The short-term goal is to provide the design process for a single house, and the long-term goal is to eventually have a community of tornado resistant homes. For right now though, this thesis focuses on providing a single home, with the appendices hinting at the long-term goal.



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