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Master of Science (MS)

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Wildlife and Fisheries Biology


Isely, J J


Lithologic descriptions of continuous core interpreted in conjunction with borehole geophysical logs were used to determine thicknesses of hydrologic and geologic units at CR-622 in the coastal plain of North Carolina. Borehole geophysics was used to adjust the position of core loss within each cored interval and to supplement lithology to determine the stratigraphy of missing segments of core. Although some geophysical logs produce non-unique lithologic solutions, a complete normal stratigraphic profile may be obtained with the addition of continuous core. Curve characteristics within geophysical logs provide precise identification of transitional sequences and can be used to calibrate lithostratigraphy. The interpretation of borehole geophysical logs in conjunction with the lithology developed from continuous core can be used to produce high-resolution hydro- and geostratigraphic profiles.