Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Legacy Department

Electrical Engineering

Committee Chair/Advisor

Collins, Edward R

Committee Member

Makram , Elham B

Committee Member

Komo , John J


This thesis entitled, 'Development of the Impedance based Arc-Fault Determination Device (IADD)' details the development of a testing device that, when attached to an electrical node on the power system and through observations on voltage, current and phase shift with a step load change, determines the effective Thevenin or Norton impedance at the point of test. This thesis includes discussion of the theory and design process that enables the determination of an equivalent circuit, software development using National Instruments' LabView software development package and suggestions for future development.
The purpose of this thesis is to produce a device that can accurately and correctly predict the expected bolted fault current at the test location of interest. The importance of accurately measuring phase shift to determine X/R ratio and bolted fault current by the IADD method is examined. Several other factors that effect system impedance, performance of the IADD, and the resultant NFPA arc flash hazard level are explored. The IADD has applications in both industrial/commercial applications and power distribution systems for determining system impedance. These applications are discussed. Several laboratory and field test cases are examined and conclusions are drawn on the performance of the IADD versus other methods of determining fault duty.



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