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Master of Science (MS)


Forestry and Environmental Conservation

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John Andrae, Ph.D., Committee Co-Chair

Committee Member

Kendall R. Kirk, Ph.D., Committee Co-Chair

Committee Member

John D. Mueller, Ph.D.


Mass flow sensor algorithms were developed for a hay yield monitoring system using ultrasonic sensors to measure windrow height. The algorithms indicated accuracies of 17.34% to 9.51%, with a wide tolerance to mounting positions. The developed mass flow algorithms were used in a nitrogen rate strip test on a 25 ac irrigated Tifton 85 bermudagrass field. Results suggested that yield, crude protein content and profit was maximized with the highest nitrogen rate only during the first harvest of 2017. All other harvest suggested a lower rate of nitrogen should be applied in order to maximize profit. A second method of measuring hay yield was also developed and tested utilizing sensors mounted to spring-loaded bale ramps on round balers. Results from bench tests indicated a gyroscope was the most accurate sensor when mounted directly in front of the ramp pivot.