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Master of Science (MS)

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Historic Preservation


Ashley Robbins

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Daniel Nadenicek

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Ralph Muldrow

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Jennifer McStotts


Through extensive historical research on the built environment of Harrison Randolph Hall, the mission is to propose a more historically sensitive design approach for the interior.

Little to no research has been published on the history of the College's built environment. The primary source for the history portion of the project was gathered from the College's Journal of the Board of Trustees, essentially meeting minutes. These are complete to the present. The Journals are a significant resource of the history of the building and its evolution. The vast majority of the project involved compiling information from the Journals in order to write the history of the building before its construction until 1900. This information has proved invaluable in determining the historic elements of the building. Furthermore, this aids the decisions made in regards to the treatment of the building's interior, considering its multi­faceted history. Correspondingly, a section of the appendix is devoted to the building's evolution in an exterior wall plan format. Also included in the appendix are many maps, photographs and other drawings, which visually express the history of the building.

The second portion involves paint analysis of several areas in order to determine historic paint finishes. In every instance the original finish main not be determined, but this is still an important method in determining the integrity of the building's historic fabric.

The third portion involves the design proposals of three significant interior spaces. Among these are the Alumni Memorial Hall, the former Manigault Hall, the central portion of the first floor, and a large portion of the third floor. A drawing demonstrating the proposed design of each of these spaces is included. Materials and finishes for the design are also enclosed in this chapter. A section of the appendix is devoted to precedent photographs and images from which inspiration and historic authenticity were garnered. Current photographs display the present state of the building.