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Master of Science (MS)


Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

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Dr. Gwynn M. Powell

Committee Member

Dr. Sky Arthur-Banning

Committee Member

Dr. Michael Godfrey


This research sought to better understand the self-monitoring strategies used by collegiate tennis coaches. The research replicated Schempp, Webster, McCullick, Bush, and Mason's (2007) study of expert golf instructors' self-monitoring strategies. Tennis coaches completed an online survey identifying strategies to maintain strengths and improve weaknesses as coaches. Data was analyzed a priori using the themes golf instructors identified while looking for emergent themes from the tennis coaches' responses. Data analysis results demonstrated that the coaches recognized goals and actions in their responses. In goals, the themes replicated from Schempp's et al. (2007) study included (1) personal lifestyle, (2) learning, and (3) teaching perspective. The new emergent themes in the category of goals included (1) communication to develop relationships and (2) accountability among staff. For actions, the themes replicated from Schempp et al.'s (2007) study included (1) seeking help from others, (2) adapting teaching practice, (3) reading, and (4) using technology. The new emergent theme in the category of actions was sticking to the coaching philosophy. These findings encourage beginner collegiate tennis coaches to use self-monitoring strategies provided by more experienced coaches as a selfmechanism for identifying and retaining strengths as well as improving weaknesses in their teaching methods.



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