Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Construction Science and Management (MCSM)


Construction Science and Management

Committee Member

Dr. Christine Piper, Committee Chair

Committee Member

Dr. Jason Lucas

Committee Member

Prof. H. Kyle Anderson


Modular Construction is the process of prefabricating construction parts, sections of buildings, and entire modular housing units in factory-controlled environments off the construction site location. Modular construction is a process to improve quality control, decrease project schedule, decrease project costs, and a reduction in onsite safety risks. Research conducted in this thesis looks into the feasibility of developing a new space for modular construction factories inside abandoned big box stores. Big box stores house multiple amenities perfect for manufacturing purposes including: large total square footage, office spaces, multiple bathrooms, and multiple locations spread out across the country to decrease possible shipping costs and allow future rapid expansion. The aim of this research through case study investigation was to understand the feasibility of using abandoned big box stores for modular construction to compare and contrast the variables between them. Although certain store formats contain the amenities for housing certain modular factories, the adaptability for modular factories depends on the format, size, and location of the abandoned store. Research into providing space for modular construction factories may help alleviate the construction workforce challenges by bringing workers into a climate-controlled environment; where weather is no longer a schedule delay factor, safety risks are minimized, and quality control can be completed on a more frequent basis.



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