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Master of Science (MS)

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Dr. Agneta Simionescu, Committee Chair

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Dr. Martine LaBerge

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Dr. Vladimir Reukov


Background: Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the number 1 leading cause of death in the nation, even globally [1]. By 2030, the American Heart Association projects that 43.9% of the US population will have some form of CVD [2], with more than one-half of mortality seen in the diabetic community [3]. Diabetic patients face increased inflammation, leading to vascular complications; consequently, these patients may need small-caliber grafts. Although the gold standard is represented by autologous blood vessels, these might be affected by diabetes as well. Vascular tissue engineered grafts with the addition of autologous adipose tissue-derived stem cells may be a promising alternative for these patients, due to the immunomodulatory properties of these cells [4]. Materials and Methods: a) Human adipose tissue-derived stem cells (hADSCs) and human cardiac fibroblasts (hCFB) were co-cultured in transwell plates with human macrophages, under high glucose conditions. After 7 days, cells were analyzed via immunofluorescence for specific macrophage markers, CCR7 for type 1 (M1) and CD206 for type 2 (M2). b) Cell suspension of diabetic hADSCs/macrophages, diabetic hCFBs/macrophages were injected into decellularized porcine renal arteries and mounted into a vascular bioreactor for 7 days. Constructs were analyzed via Live/Dead assay and immunohistochemistry for pan-macrophage marker (CD68), M1 (CCR7), and M2 (CD206).



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