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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering

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Dr. Daniel L. Noneaker, Committee Chair

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Dr. Harlan B. Russell

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Dr. Kuang-Ching Wang


The standard Gaussian approximation is extended to the performance analysis of direct-sequence code-division multiple-access (DS-CDMA) systems using binary con-volutional coding, quaternary modulation with quaternary direct-sequence spreading and Viterbi decoding. Using the standard Gaussian approximation, the random variables mod-eling the multiple-access interference in the receiver statistics are replaced by an equivalent additive Gaussian noise term with the same variance as the actual multiple-access interfer-ence term. The Gaussian approximation is shown to result in an accurate approximation to the probability of code-word error at the receiver. The accuracy is demonstrated by compar-ing simulation results for the actual multiple-access system and a model using the standard Gaussian approximation. Both are compared with two previously developed closed-form bounds on the performance: the concave-first-event bound and the concave-integral bound.