Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Legacy Department

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

Committee Member

Dr. Denise Anderson, Committee Chair

Committee Member

Dr. Robert Barcelona

Committee Member

Dr. Toni Liechty


Recreation professionals strive to provide preferred recreation experiences to various age ranges and demographics on a daily basis, hoping that each participant is able to achieve flow. Flow is defined as a mental state reached when challenge and skill level are in balance. Despite recreation professionals’ attempts to facilitate a flow opportunity through programming, additional factors are at work in each participant’s enjoyment of an activity. In the case of youth sport, parents can play a large role in socially and psychologically supporting their child. When parents are too demanding of their child it is common for the child to experience stress and anxiety. Likewise, when parents are too responsive to their child it is common for the child to become bored as they are not being challenged. This thesis will investigate whether a relationship exists between parenting style and flow achievement.



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