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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering

Committee Member

Dr. Keith A. Corzine, Committee Chair

Committee Member

Dr. Richard E. Groff

Committee Member

Dr. Elham B. Makram


This work proposes a bi-directional grid-tied converter with Global Positioning Sys-tem (GPS) capability for smart-grid applications. The novelty of this converter is that time-stamped grid voltage angle received via network communication channels has been used to synchronize the converter to the grid. Therefore, all grid-tied converters in a mi-crogrid with this development will not require line voltage sensing and phase-locked loops. The power section and modulation was built on a CompactRIO 9064 that also had a GPS timesource. In a larger power system, a nearby Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) can be used for the time source. In a microgrid, a PMU capable controller is placed at the point of common coupling to measure the electrical angle. The electrical angle is time stamped with absolute time received via a GPS receiver and communicated to the power converter which is then used for grid synchronization. This thesis presents the results obtained from the study and operation of the PMU capable converter in both rectifying mode and inversion mode.