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Master of Science (MS)

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Applied Psychology

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Dr. Robin M. Kowalski, Committee Chair

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Dr. Patrick J. Rosopa

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Dr. Robert R. Sinclair


Previous research has explored complaining in the context of consumer behavior and complaints made against organizations, yet there are gaps in the literature concerning complaining in the workplace among police officers. The present study explored the audiences of complaints expressed by police officers, the topics of dissatisfaction experienced by officers, whether expressed or not, and the organizational antecedents and consequences that may accompany complaining at work. Police officers in a suburban southeastern police department were surveyed to investigate these areas. Results indicated that officers primarily complain around their peers at work, and the correlates of complaining differ by the type of complaining. Additionally, complaints at work are typically associated with work-related hassles. Limitations, as well as practical and theoretical implications, are discussed.