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Master of Science (MS)

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Packaging Science

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Dr. R. Andrew Hurley

Committee Member

Dr. Charles E. Tonkin

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Dr. Scott D. Swain


There is currently a wide array of packaging styles of cosmetics seen in retail environments such as department stores and convenience stores. However, pressed powder is most often displayed with paperboard backing when in drugstores. This research seeks to understand if this the most effective way to package this product. To test this research question a method was developed to use Tobii's eye tracking technology in partnership with CU Shop in the Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics. The experiment was set up to test whether consumers preferred cosmetic powder to be packaged with paperboard backing or if they preferred the product to be without visible packaging and displayed in trays or a point of purchase (POP) -like display. Two fictitious brands were created and used to avoid brand loyalty. The experiment collected three different eye tracking metrics, time to first fixation (TTFF), fixation count (FC), and total fixation duration (TFD). SAS was used to process the data and output statistical results. Between the product in the paperboard backing and the product displayed in the POP display, there was no statistical significance that participants chose the product in the POP display over the paperboard. Survey results indicated that participants were interested in more minimal packaging and would not be deterred to purchase a cosmetic product with less packaging.

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