Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Legacy Department

Forest Resources

Committee Chair/Advisor

Dr. Elena A. Mikhailova

Committee Member

Dr. Christopher J. Post

Committee Member

Dr. Lawrence R. Gering


Soil Judging teaches students important skills for field identification of soil types, properties, and interpretations for use. The adaptation of Soil Judging in Northeast China can be beneficial to students as well as government agencies and the private sector. The objective of this study was to adapt Soil Judging to the Northeast region of China by a graduate student from China, who was trained using an undergraduate course in Soil Judging and a regional Soil Judging competition. Unlike the U.S., China has 14 soil orders, with six soil orders somewhat similar to the ones found in the Southeast region of the U.S. A Southeastern Region Soil Judging Handbook was used for newly developed teaching materials for Northeast of China (including tables of soil physical and chemical properties, topographic maps, and scorecards). These new teaching materials can significantly improve soil education and mitigate problems associated with land use management.



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