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Master of Science (MS)

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Graphic Communications

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Ingram, Samuel

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Cox , Kern

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Weisenmiller , Eric

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Purvis , Russell


The objective of this thesis was to examine color differences between different digital devices such as, phones, tablets, and monitors. New technology has always been the catalyst for growth and change within the printing industry. With gadgets like the iPhone and the iPad becoming increasingly more popular in the recent years, printers have yet another technological advancement to consider. Soft proofing strategies use color management technology that allows the client to view their proof on a monitor as a duplication of how the finished product will appear on a printed piece of paper. A possible problem can occur if clients are not using a calibrated monitor to view proofs.. Today's generation is obsessed with new technology and more importantly convenience. As the printing industry continues to evolve it is critical to consider the devices that clients are using to view proofs and the possible color differences that exist between those devices.

Within this thesis the following questions were the basis of the research:

* Do color differences exist between the phones, tablets, and monitors?

* If color differences are present, what is the Delta-E value compared to the standard?

* Do specific colors produce higher Delta-E values?

* Are certain brand devices more color accurate than others?

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