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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Visual Arts


Cross, Sydney A.

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Feeser , Andrea

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McDonald , Todd


My art navigates the fragmented religious traditions of my childhood in an attempt to clarify my thoughts and feelings about which spiritual beliefs and practices I want to teach my children. This navigation is represented across art media through portraits of my family and myself. As I was raised in a multicultural family that combined aspects of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism, a complex navigation occurs within me to find meaning in existence amidst disparate traditions, cultures, and beliefs. For my thesis show, I adapted existing fragments and frameworks from these varied beliefs and cultural traditions into a collage of a belief system. Similar to combining belief systems in my spiritual practice, my studio practice combines art processes. Through my use of contemporary printmaking and time-based media I combine components of drawing, traditional printmaking, photography, sculpture, and digital media. My art also combines types of visualization, technology, and process. The way I see the world today from multiple viewpoints is presented through this hybrid art making process.

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