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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering


Noneaker, Daniel L

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Pursley, Michael B

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Russell, Harlan B


The performance of a packet-level iterative detection technique is examined for a slow-frequency-hop packet radio system using interleaved Reed-Solomon codes and per-dwell differential encoding. A per-dwell soft-input-soft-output detector along with successive-erasures decoding results in a system that performs better than previously considered detection techniques in the presence of partial-band interference. The log-MAP algorithm and two forms of its max-log-MAP approximation are considered for the soft-input-soft-output detector along with different channel estimators. The performance and detection complexity of the systems is compared. A limit on the number of erasures allowed in successive-erasures decoding is also considered, and its effect on the system's performance and detection complexity is examined.

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