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Master of Science (MS)

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Civil Engineering

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Ogle, Jennifer

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Chowdhury , Ronnie


With university enrollment increasing, campuses are becoming under increased strain for parking. More students results in more cars on an already stressed parking infrastructure. In many instances, university parking management offices are being asked to accommodate this increase in parking without the construction of new parking infrastructure. In order to accommodate these demands, better parking management is required.
This research develops a framework to evaluate current parking management practices and pinpoint methods to improve upon current practices. The framework is generalized for use by any size and type of university. Clemson University's campus in Clemson, SC was used as a trial site for this framework. This study evaluates Clemson University's Parking and Transportation office and the policies used to justify parking changes. The framework uses interviews, inventory and utilization data to evaluate the need for parking changes on campus. A documentation of this process is also created in this research.
This case study can serve as a guide to university campuses undergoing significant growth, management change, or universities who simply want to improve parking management. It also provides insight into the collection of parking inventory and utilization data. The framework was developed in a small to medium sized university outside of an urban area. However, the framework can be tailored for use at any university regardless of size or location.



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