Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Legacy Department

Computer Engineering

Committee Chair/Advisor

Sander, Samuel T


Cryptographic devices with hardware implementation of the algorithms are increasingly being used in various applications. As a consequence, there is an increased need for security against the attacks on the cryptographic system. Among various attack techniques, side channel attacks pose a significant threat to the hardware implementation. Power analysis attacks are a type of side channel attack where the power leakage from the underlying hardware is used to eavesdrop on the hardware operation. Wave pipelined differential and dynamic logic (WDDL) has been found to be an effective countermeasure to power analysis. This thesis studies the use of transmission gate based WDDL implementation for the differential and dynamic logic.
Although WDDL is an effective defense against power analysis, the number of gates needed for the design of a secure implementation is double the number of gates used for non-secure operations. In this thesis we propose transmission gate based structures for implementation of wave pipelined dynamic and differential logic to minimize the overhead of this defense against power analysis attacks. A transmission gate WDDL design methodology is presented, and the design and analysis of a secure multiplier is given. The adder structures are compared in terms of security effectiveness and silicon area overhead for three cases: unsecured logic implementation, standard gate WDDL, and transmission gate WDDL. In simulation, the transmission gate WDDL design is seen to have similar power consumption results compared to the standard gate WDDL; however, the transmission gate based circuit uses 10-50% fewer gates compared to the static WDDL.



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