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Master of Arts (MA)

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Communication, Technology, and Society

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Mazer, Joseph P

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Ogata Jones , Karyn

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Linvill , Darren


Despite the originality that long-distance relationships hold within the field of communication, military martial relationships (MMRs) are one type of long-distance relationship that remains to be thoroughly studied. The dedication that active duty members contribute to their country is often a hardship for martial relationships when faced with temporary separation. With advances in technology and the rise of social networking sites such as Facebook, individuals have the availability to communicate, regardless of distance. When faced with separation, individuals in MMRs encounter the difficulties of communicating to maintain their relationship. Facebook offers a unique medium to practice relational maintenance through the creation of profile pages that individuals in MMRs construct. During the time separation, Facebook gives individuals the ability to use this social networking site as a medium of communication to practice relational maintenance. This study sought to explore how social networking sites are not just to communicate but provide stability for relational satisfaction and well-being for individuals in MMRs. This study provides a preliminary look at how spouses use Facebook as a means of relational maintenance to ultimately experience relational satisfaction and overall well-being while their partner is temporarily away.

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