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Master of Science (MS)

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Food, Nutrition, and Culinary Science

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McGregor, John U

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Walker , Terry

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Chen , Feng


The effects of media type and culture selection on the aroma profile of Blue cheese flavorings produced using submerged culture fermentation were studied. Fermentations were carried out for 16 hours then compared using sensory analysis and GC/MS SPME. The differences between samples were minimal. Samples produced with adjunct media were found to have higher concentrations of methyl ketones and more &ldquo'creamy'&rdquo aroma character than samples produced from standard media. Higher levels of free fatty acids were found in standard media samples. Adjunct cultures appear to enhance the &ldquo'creamy'&rdquo character of Blue cheese flavorings.
Near-critical and supercritical carbon dioxide were used to concentrate the aroma active compounds of a traditional Blue cheese and a Blue cheese flavoring. Pressures used ranged from 73 to 90 Bar, temperatures used were 35 and 45 degrees Celsius. The extracts were selective for 2-heptanone and 2-nonanone, the characteristic compounds of Blue cheese. Two-heptanone was more soluble than 2-nonanone and comprised 67 to 71 percent of the extracts. Near-critical extraction (73 Bar; 35 degrees Celsius) of Blue cheese flavoring yielded the most methyl ketones. Results indicate that carbon dioxide may be effective for the concentration of methyl ketones on an industrial scale.

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