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Master of Science (MS)

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Historic Preservation


Russell, Robert

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Stiefel, Barry

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Ward, James L.


From 1987 until the time of this writing, several grassroots organizations have fought for the preservation of Detroit's Tiger Stadium and its historic field. The goal of this thesis is to chronicle those efforts, examine how these organizations fit into the history of preservation movements, and delve into what continues to draw people to this historic site: its `power of place.' In order to accomplish these objectives, this thesis will detail the history of the site from its storied time as the home of Major League Baseball's Detroit Tigers from 1896-1999, up to the preservation efforts which have been the site's predominate topic of discussion for the last twenty-five years. Analyzing this history and comparing it the origins of the preservation movement, provides a clearer understanding of the magnetism of the site and how these grassroots organizations represent a reversion to the origins of the preservation movement.