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Master of Arts (MA)

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Committee Chair/Advisor

Morris, Keith L

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Weise , Jillian

Committee Member

Bennett , Alma


In this comedic short story, Jamez Wythazee (pronounced 'James With-a-Z') has just left a house party after being rejected by his dream girl, Monique Nettles. Lost in his thoughts of inadequacy, jealousy, and intra-racial conflict, he does not notice that he is being followed. Before he knows it, Jamez finds himself attacked by a mysterious assailant who possesses razor-sharp claws and inhuman speed. Even more amazing, Jamez somehow survives the assailant's attacks with little effort and completely unscathed. The mysterious attacker turns out to be a desperately hungry vampire named Maximilian Marvis. After a humorous exchange of insults and a bus ride that brings the unlikely duo to a mutual understanding of each other, the two make an agreement to help each other with their respective plights. Meanwhile, back at the party, Monique has an encounter with the host, Jeremiah Beam, which forces her to reconsider her romantic choices.



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