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Master of Science (MS)

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Historic Preservation


Wilson, Ashley R

Committee Member

Ward, James L

Committee Member

Muldrow, Ralph C


This thesis is an in-depth examination of Fort Drive, a 20th century proposed parkway connecting the principal Union Army fortifications which encircled Washington, D.C. The goal of the work is to determine if the landscapes acquired for Fort Drive are eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. This paper answers two questions: what role did Fort Drive play in establishing the Nation's Capital's park system; and are the remnants of the Fort Drive endeavor significant? These questions were answered through analysis of the National Capital Planning Commission's records, a comparison of the standards set by current National Register designations, and consideration of the National Park Service's definition of a cultural landscape. Drawing from over sixty years of primary sources, this thesis showcases Fort Drive as an existing crown feature of Washington, D.C.'s parklands.