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Master of Science (MS)

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Historic Preservation


Wilson, Ashley R

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Hudgins, Carter L

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Ward, James L


The virtual reconstruction of vanished heritage is a well-known practice in the preservation field. The constant development in computer technologies has been improving visualization and interpretation techniques for virtual reconstructions of no longer extant or inaccessible sites. Reconstruction projects of vanished heritage sites implement various approaches because of different challenges at each site. This research involves 3D reconstructions, as well as historical research of early nineteenth century residences, Radcliffe-King and Gabriel Manigault houses in the Ansonborough neighborhood of Charleston, South Carolina, USA.
The demolition of these two mansions in the first half of the twentieth century leads to the loss of the residential character at the intersection of George and Meeting Streets in Ansonborough. Photogrammetry and rectification techniques established the dimensions and the scale for these buildings from salvaged architectural details and early photographs to recreate the lost residential character. Other sources, like maps and drawings are used to supplement the photographs and salvaged materials for virtual reconstruction.