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Master of Science (MS)

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Applied Psychology


Pagano, Christopher

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Babu, Sabarish

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Tyrrell, Richard


Distances are regularly underestimated in immersive virtual environments (IVEs) (Witmer & Kline, 1998; Loomis & Knapp, 2003). Few experiments, however, have examined the ability of calibration to overcome distortions of depth perception in IVEs. This experiment is designed to examine the effect of calibration via haptic and visual feedback on distance estimates in an IVE. Participants provided verbal and reaching distance estimates during three sessions; a baseline measure without feedback, a calibration session with visual and haptic feedback, and finally a post-calibration session without feedback. Feedback was shown to calibrate distance estimates within an IVE. Discussion focused on the possibility that costly solutions and research endeavors seeking to remedy the compression of distances may become less necessary if users are simply given the opportunity to use manual activity to calibrate to the IVE.

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