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Master of Arts (MA)

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Morris, Keith


This Master's thesis contains a creative adaptation of three of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories: 'Ligeia,' 'The Pit and the Pendulum,' and 'The Purloined Letter.' The stories reflect on certain elements from Poe's writings, but also stand alone as creative works. If the reader has never read Poe's stories, he or she will still understand and enjoy my stories. If the reader has read Poe's stories, he or she will enjoy the new approach to an old idea. The scholarship of my thesis delves into the art of adaptation, the psychological depths of some characters, the smaller judgments of civil law, and the aspects of devout and hypocritical religious figures. Overall, my work employs the art of adaptation and creative writing in a tribute to Poe and to the process of understanding and recreating the mind of a writer.