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Master of Arts (MA)

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Morris, Keith

Committee Member

Weise , Jillian

Committee Member

McGrath , Brian


This creative thesis is a collection of three short stories centered on exploring modern war and military life in Afghanistan. This collection engages in questions of truth, death, and what it means to live on the fringe of a modern warzone. War is a test of the human condition on both soldiers and civilians, the results of which are often impossible to comprehend. In examining that kind of an environment, I am giving voice to stories often forgotten or overlooked during war — stories that need to be heard if we are to have any hope of understanding our actions there. While this is a collection of fiction, it contains bits of reality throughout, though names and locations have been entirely changed. Upon reading this collection, my hope is that aspects of war and military life that were unknown previously will be brought to light, and as a result, a better understanding of what our foreign presence means, in both Afghanistan and other areas of the Middle East, will emerge.



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