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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Visual Arts

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The relationship of the recurrent visual signals in contemporary culture and the physical routine of living in the culture begin to build as layers in the fabric or patterns of everyday. My use of pattern (both mass produced fabric, and painted surface) imitates the repetitious nature of visual stimuli in American culture as well as the viewer's familiarity with object and image recognition. I investigate the language of signals and human thinking relying heavily on the viewer's link to familiarity and how that may provoke them to read the paintings. To do this, I draw directly from the use of everyday banal objects such as a spray bottle, hair dryer, car, or Pac man. I orient the objects on a surface of discounted patterned fabric. This body of work exposes my method of sorting through signifiers and further distorting the context in which they exist through cultural or societal categorization of age, irony, and visual seduction. I look to Pop Art, Pattern and Decoration (P&D), the Do it Yourself Movement and contemporary artists referring to the stimulus of visual society to sift through my interest in engaging a balance between high and low art.

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Fine Arts Commons



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