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Master of Science (MS)

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Biosystems Engineering


Drapcho, Caye M.

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Walker , Terry

Committee Member

Nghiem , John


A simulation software (BioMASS - Biological Modeling and Simulation Software) was upgraded from the previous version and provided with additional enhancements. Several new bioprocess configurations and their subroutines have been added. The additional processes included continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) with biomass recycle, and CSTR with additional stream in the second stage. The primary goal in the development of BioMASS v2.0 was to provide users with a ready-to-use, expressive visual modeling tools. In this new version, output from simulation can be visualized in graphics. Printing, exporting, and saving file options also are available. In summary, BioMASS v2.0 offers an effective way of better understanding bioprocessing.

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Biochemistry Commons