Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Legacy Department

Historic Preservation

Committee Chair/Advisor

Hudgins, Carter L

Committee Member

Stiefel, Barry L

Committee Member

Ward, James L


This thesis examines the development and construction of the Charleston County Library at 404 King Street in Charleston, South Carolina. The research and analysis of this site provides a case study for the development and treatment of the Modern style in downtown Charleston. Significant aspects of this include evaluation of the community's input and reaction to development of the site, and reactions to its completion and opening.
This begins with an overview of the development of the Modern style in America and American library design, and how this translates into South Carolina. Then the influences of these larger communities on the design for the Charleston County Library are studied. Concluding the research is an effort to highlight the structures significance in Charleston, while creating a reference point for a conversation on the role of the recent past and evaluating mid-century architecture.



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