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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

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Graphic Communications

Committee Chair/Advisor

Ingram, Dr. Samuel

Committee Member

Jones , Carol

Committee Member

Leininger , Nancy

Committee Member

Mittelstaedt , Dr. John


This thesis was prepared in order to examine the impact of high-speed inkjet printing on the offset lithography market within the commercial printing and publishing segments. Digital printing has become more widespread in recent years, but high-speed inkjet is making advances in its capabilities and technologies. With the printing industry evolving and print consumers preferring shorter print runs and in a shorter amount of time, print technologies are evolving to meet these needs. Print-on-demand is growing tremendously in the publishing industry, and personalization and 1-to-1 marketing is growing in the commercial printing segment as well. Market demand is changing in 3 important ways: preference for non-printed media, shorter print runs, and the use of print-on-demand technologies. The major print technologies (offset lithography, high-speed inkjet, and digital electrophotography) possess different capabilities that mean they can/will respond to these trends in different ways. Some technologies will be winners; some will not.
Within this thesis the following questions were the basis of the research:
* What are the benefits and limitations of both traditional offset lithography and digital high-speed inkjet technologies?
* How can characterization and calibration help to even the playing field when it comes to consistent and quality print output with traditional offset lithography and high-speed inkjet printing?
* What impact does electronic media, print-on-demand, and consumer definition of quality, have on the evolution of the print industry?
* How do consumer generational differences (i.e. Boomers, Gen-Yers/Millennials), affect the overall preference between the 3 main factors (cost, quality, and timeliness) that affect the print industry model?
* What segments of the commercial printing and publishing industries will transition from offset lithography to high-speed inkjet printing in the next 5-10 years?



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