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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Visual Arts

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Detrich, Dave

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Detrich , Dave

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Cross , Sydney

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Wrangle , Anderson


My sculpture offers visual cues and displayed experiences for the viewer to reflect
upon past experiences and recognize the transitions that have occurred throughout their
lives because of those memories or adventures that become important due to their fragile and brief nature. These transitions from one place to another shed light on our past and unfold a journey that leads us through the inevitably constant changing circumstances of everyday life.
The artifacts and documents displayed throughout this body of work speak to the
human need to memorialize the past through collecting, documenting, and performing. It
is through observing this process that one might begin to uncover parts of themselves that were once unknown. Through this recognition we discover the pattern of constant
change, loss, and transition. Uncovering these past experiences has the potential to aid
our knowledge in self-discovery and become a launching point to navigate the changing
nature of life.
In order to create objects and images that recall memories and experiences I place
myself in situations where I become physically present within the moment. The tactile
nature of this process leads me to become a participant in reliving my own memories, or
simply allowing myself to become cognizant of the fragility and brevity of a single
moment. Implementing this method in my work gives me a better sensibility of object,
place, and time when making final decisions about how to display the work before an

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