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Master of Science (MS)

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Civil Engineering

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Klotz, Leidy

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Sanders , Steve

Committee Member

Bell , Lansford


Architects, engineers, and contractors are continuously searching for tools and methods to reduce the unique risks associated with the delivery of construction projects. Since national policies to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption will require drastic improvements to the existing building stock, one specific area in need of such tools is the sustainable renovation of existing buildings. The purpose of this research is to identify the barriers to address during the delivery of sustainable renovation projects and offer solutions that overcome these barriers. For example, typical renovation projects do not coordinate energy retrofits with building system renovations, resulting in poor use of resources and inefficient building performance. Reaping multiple benefits from single expenditures and optimizing planned capital costs is a strategy for overcoming this barrier. This research searches for the best opportunities to improve the delivery of sustainable building renovation projects.
A literature review and case study were performed to identify barriers to address during the delivery of sustainable renovation projects. Exploratory case study data was obtained through interviews with the project owner and contractor, site visits, and review of project documents. Results show that barriers found in sustainable renovation projects include issues regarding unforeseen existing conditions, interactions between building systems, financial analysis, and lack of experience, education, and awareness. Identifying methods to overcome these barriers may render existing buildings more sustainable. Methods for further exploration include: Policies and tools for promoting sustainable renovation, education and training of industry professionals and end-users, and enhancing the role of government and other public bodies to create a market demand for sustainable renovation.



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