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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Makram, Elham

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Venayagamoorthy , Kumar

Committee Member

Burg , Timothy

Committee Member

Groff , Richard

Committee Member

Belotti , Pietro


Microgrid is a recent novel concept in part of the development of smart grid. A microgrid is a low voltage and small scale network containing both distributed energy resources (DERs) and load demands. Clean energy is encouraged to be used in a microgrid for economic and sustainable reasons. A microgrid can have two operational modes, the stand-alone mode and grid-connected mode. In this research, a day-ahead optimal energy management for a microgrid under both operational modes is studied. The objective of the optimization model is to minimize fuel cost, improve energy utilization efficiency and reduce gas emissions by scheduling generations of DERs in each hour on the next day. Considering the dynamic performance of battery as Energy Storage System (ESS), the model is featured as a multi-objectives and multi-parametric programming constrained by dynamic programming, which is proposed to be solved by using the Advanced Dynamic Programming (ADP) method. Then, factors influencing the battery life are studied and included in the model in order to obtain an optimal usage pattern of battery and reduce the correlated cost. Moreover, since wind and solar generation is a stochastic process affected by weather changes, the proposed optimization model is performed hourly to track the weather changes. Simulation results are compared with the day-ahead energy management model. At last, conclusions are presented and future research in microgrid energy management is discussed.



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